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CALENDAR: Based on our shopper's feedback, we're trying something new this sale! The Fall/Winter 2017 sale will open earlier than ever before so parents can take advantage of our great prices to purchase what their children need for the upcoming school year. Because of that receiving will start on July 24th and run through July 30th. Volunteer Shopping Night will be on Wednesday, August 9th and Consignor Shopping Night will be on Thursday, August 10th. Kids Haven will be open for public shopping every day from August 12th to August 22nd. Kids Haven will also be open for its final clearance sale on August 27th. Please see the sale calendar for more details.

LOCATION: For the Fall/Winter 2017 sale, Kids Haven will be located in the Warrenton Village Shopping Center at 143 West Lee Highway right next to Sears.

TAGGING: Kids Haven has new rules for attaching tags to clothing items. Tags must now be securely attached to the clothing item itself instead of just being loosely looped over the clothing hangers. Please review the Guidelines for acceptable ways to attach the tags to the clothing items.

MEAL SHIFTS: To prevent excessive repetition of meals, volunteers who reserve a meal shift should email a brief description of what they will make to If too many similar meals are being planned, volunteers may be asked to prepare something else.

POLICIES: There have been some changes to policies regarding consigning, discounting, donating and tagging. Please take a few minutes to carefully review the Guidelines, Terms and Conditions for the new policies as well as any additional changes that may have been made since you last participated.

MATERNITY CLOTHING: Since floor space will not be as limited in our current location, maternity wear will be accepted at this sale.

EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS: After years of collecting email addresses from our Kids Haven patrons, we are now using those email addresses for notification of upcoming sales. One benefit of having an email on file with Kids Haven is that you will receive your notification about a week earlier than those without. For now, Kids Haven will continue using snail mail notification for those without emails. So if you have an email address and would like to receive notifications from Kids Haven the fastest possible way please log in to your online account and update your contact information with your current email address.

ATTENTION ALL CONSIGNORS: Do you want to earn more from the sale of your items? All you have to do is volunteer for more than 4 hours and for every extra hour you work beyond the 4 hour minimum your percentage on up to $500 of your items will be increased.

ATTENTION TOP VOLUNTEERS: How would you like to have a head start shopping at Kids Haven's fall sale? All you have to do is be one of the top three volunteers for the current sale and you will earn the right to shop as early as 5:45 pm on volunteer shopping night! That's right; you and two other volunteers will be able to shop before the rest of the volunteers. Start reserving your volunteer shifts now and be in the TOP THREE this sale!

ATTENTION ALL VOLUNTEERS: On Volunteer Shopping Night, volunteers who worked for 8 hours or more will be admitted starting at 6 pm and volunteers who worked between 4 and 8 hours will admitted starting at 7 pm. To be fair to all volunteers, no guests will be allowed to shop on volunteer shopping night. Only volunteers who have the requisite number of volunteer hours credited will be able to shop. That means no guests, spouses or mobile children will be allowed to shop unless they have been credited with the required number of volunteer hours.

CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY IMPROVEMENT ACT (CPSIA) of 2008: The CPSIA made it unlawful to sell any product that has been recalled. Consignors must check the CPSC website at for recalls before consigning their items. Items with uncorrected recalls can not be accepted for consignment.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Please take a few minutes to review the detailed Guidelines, Terms and Conditions for any changes that may have been made since you last participated in Kids Haven.

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