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LOCATION: For the Fall/Winter 2019 sale, Kids Haven will be located in the Warrenton Village Shopping Center at 251 West Lee Highway right next to Jo-Ann Fabrics.

PHASED SALE: The spaces available for this sale are smaller than last sale so Kids Haven will compensate by running a longer, two phased sale. The first phase will include wearable items only; i.e. clothing, coats, hats, shoes etc. Then after some floor space has been freed up by the sale of wearable items, the second phase will bring in the other items that Kids Haven normally carries. Each phase will have separate days for receiving, organizing and shopping. By doing this consignors will gain more exposure for their items and shoppers will have better focused opportunities to find whatever they need for their growing families.

KEY DATES: Receiving of wearable items will run from September 11th to September 14th and the initial phase of public shopping will run from September 21st to September 24th. The second phase of receiving will run from September 26th to September 28th and Kids Haven will re-open for public shopping from October 5th to October 15th with the last 5 days being Discount Days. Please see the sale calendar for all the details.

VOLUNTEER/CONSIGNOR SHOPPING NIGHTS: This sale will have pre-sale shopping nights on September 20th and October 4th. On those nights, individuals who volunteered for 8 hours or more can shop from 5:00 PM till 9:00 PM. Volunteers who worked more than 4 hours but less than 8 hours can shop from 6:00 PM till 9:00 PM and Consignors can shop from 7:00 PM till 9:00 PM. Volunteers and Consignors may also invite a guest to shop during the pre-sale shopping night starting at 7:00 PM.

TAGGING: Tags must be securely attached to the clothing item itself instead of just being loosely looped over the clothing hangers. Please review the Guidelines for acceptable ways to attach the tags to the clothing items.

POLICIES: There have been some changes to policies regarding consigning, discounting, donating and tagging. Please take a few minutes to carefully review the Guidelines, Terms and Conditions for the new policies as well as any additional changes that may have been made since you last participated.

MATERNITY CLOTHING: Since floor space will be limited in our current location, maternity wear will not be accepted at this sale.

EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS: After years of collecting email addresses from our Kids Haven patrons, we are now using those email addresses for notification of upcoming sales. Recent postage increases has made it cost prohibitive to send notifications by first class mail unless the recipient specifically tells us that they want to continue receiving them. So, this will be the last sale that we will be sending out bulk notifications by mail. If you want to continue receiving notices, please call or text me at (540) 219-8404 or email me at

ATTENTION ALL CONSIGNORS: Do you want to earn more from the sale of your items? All you have to do is volunteer for more than 4 hours and for every extra hour you work beyond the 4 hour minimum your percentage on up to $500 of your items will be increased.

CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY IMPROVEMENT ACT (CPSIA) of 2008: The CPSIA made it unlawful to sell any product that has been recalled. Consignors must check the CPSC website at for recalls before consigning their items. Items with uncorrected recalls can not be accepted for consignment.

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